Friday, May 4, 2012

Moths, Silverfish, and Carpet Beetles: Avoid Garment Damage

It's officially May! When I think of May, I think of flowers, gardening, tank tops, and fun in the sun! Yep--May marks the beginning of the warm season. Time to finally put away those sweaters, coats, mittens, gloves, hats, and long sleeves.

We talk a lot about clothing storage here at Margaret's Cleaners because it's important. Clothing is not cheap, and taking proper care of your garments ensures years of wear and use.

The challenge: Avoid damage to clothing from carpet beetle, moth and silverfish larvae. 

This article from The Wall Street Journal features Doug Greenberg, vice president of Garde Robe, a company that specializes in luxury clothing storage. Garde Robe has locations in New York and San Diego and provides services nationwide.

Greenberg discusses the best way to store clothing, how to care for garments, and when to thoroughly clean out closets and luggage.

  • Store garments only after they've been cleaned.
  • Never store clothing for months or longer without cleaning them.
  • Purchase a garment steamer to sterilize garments and kill bacteria.
  • Vacuum inside closets and luggage regularly to rid of bugs and larvae.
  • Fold garments (especially knits) in acid-free tissue and store them in breathable fabric garment bags.
  • Never store cashmere or natural fibers in vacuum-sealed bags.
How Garde Robe makes it easier to store clothes the right way:
Switching your closets from spring/summer to fall/winter wardrobes can be a drag. Let the clothes storage experts at Garde Robe do it all for you. Garde Robe provides a complimentary closet consultation and advice, then we pick up your off-season and infrequently worn clothes and create your personal Cyber Closet Website with professional photos of every garment. Click on a photo and we'll deliver the garment the same day, ready to wear. Read more about Garde Robe's Seasonal Clothing Storage Service here.