Monday, April 9, 2012

Storing Winter Clothing

Here is a valuable winter clothing storage blog from our high-altitude friends at 5280 magazine in Colorado.

Key Winter Clothing Storage Notes:

Make sure to clean knitwear and sweaters before storing them. Rather then store them on hangers, which can stretch and distort the fabric, carefully fold your knit garments with acid-free tissue to help prevent creases. Store knits in breathable fabric bags and boxes.

Leather is hygroscopic, which means that it readily absorbs moisture. After wearing a leather or suede jacket (or pants, gloves, etc.) after a humid, rainy, or damp day, allow them to air-dry completely in an open room before storing them in a closet. These items take up to a day and a half to dry thoroughly. Never store leather or suede in non-breathable plastic bags or in damp areas of the house, such as the basement or attic.

Shoes and Boots
When going through your shoe collection, decide whether you want to toss, donate, or keep the shoes. If you decide that you can part with your shoes, bring them to any Margaret's location to donate them to a good cause. Margaret's is a drop-off location for Soles4Souls, a Nashville-based nonprofit organization, which distributes shoes to people in need around the world.

Imagine Having Endless Closet Space...
It would be nice if we all had the closet space of a celebrity, but that's not always the case. Look to clothing storage companies, such as Garde Robe, for a solution to this problem. Garde Robe is a one-of-a-kind valet and wardrobe storage service that cares for your clothes in a climate- and humidity-controlled environment, complete with security service. Think of it as a closet away from your closet. And when you need an item, Garde Robe will prep it and have it delivered to your desired location.